What new opportunities some policies to promote the steady growth of industrial economy will bring to the printing and dyeing industry?
Source: China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association Release Time: 2022-03-01

To consolidate the industrial economic growth momentum, to prepare fine-tuning and cross-cyclical adjustment, to ensure that the annual industrial economy running in a reasonable range, the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments jointly issued by the several policies to promote the steady growth of industrial economy (hereinafter referred to as the "several policies"), to further consolidate the smooth operation of industrial policy foundation.

Printing and dyeing industry is mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises are the main force of national economic and social development, plays an important role in promoting growth, ensuring employment, improving people's livelihood, but by the high raw material prices, rising labor and logistics cost factors, small and medium-sized enterprises themselves development is facing many difficulties and problems."Several policies" focus on the current, benefit the long-term, put forward a number of rescue measures for manufacturing and small and medium-sized enterprises, around fiscal taxes, financial credit, for stable prices, investment and foreign trade and foreign investment, land use and environment five aspects such as industrial steady growth "combination", effectively for the smooth operation of industry real unreal.

Financial taxes and fees

In terms of fiscal tax policy, to increase the deduction of equipment and equipment for micro, small, medium-sized enterprises in 2022, depreciation period of 3 years, depreciation life of 4 years, 5 years and 10 years can be halved; Enterprises can enjoy preferential quarterly, the current year can be carried forward in the next 5 tax years.(The policy shall apply to industries other than information transmission, construction, leasing, business services, and real estate development and operation, which meet the standards of less than 1,000 employees or an operating income of less than 400 million yuan.

We will extend the policy of phased tax deferred payment, and delay the payment of small, medium and micro enterprises in the manufacturing industry in the fourth quarter of 2021 for six months.

We will expand the scope of application to local taxes and fees, and increase income tax reductions for small and low-profit enterprises.

We will reduce the social security burden on enterprises, and continue to implement the policy of periodically lowering unemployment insurance and work-related injury insurance rates by 2022.

credit financing

In 2022, the government will continue to guide the financial system to make profits to the real economy; strengthen the assessment and constraints on banks supporting the development of the manufacturing industry, and in 2022, promote large state-owned banks to optimize economic capital allocation, tilt to manufacturing enterprises, and promote the rapid growth of medium and long-term loans to the manufacturing industry.

We will ensure stable prices for supply

"Several policies", adhere to the green development, integration of differential electricity price, ladder price, punitive price differential price policy, establish a unified energy-intensive industry ladder price system, the benchmark stock enterprises and energy efficiency of construction, proposed electricity price, not reached according to the energy efficiency level gap implements ladder price, price electricity is used to support enterprise energy conservation, pollution reduction and carbon reduction technology.

Investment and foreign investment

"Several policy", to speed up the implementation of manufacturing core competitiveness promotion five years action plan and manufacturing national special planning major projects, start a batch of industry base reengineering engineering projects, promote manufacturing chain chain, accelerate the cultivation of a batch of advanced manufacturing cluster, intensify "specialization, new" small and medium-sized enterprises.

Financial institutions with cross-border financial services are encouraged to increase financial support to traditional foreign trade enterprises, cross-border e-commerce and logistics enterprises to build and use overseas warehouses on the premise of compliance with the law and controllable risks.Further smooth international transportation, strengthen the supervision of shipping market fees, investigate and punish illegal fees; encourage foreign trade enterprises and shipping enterprises to sign long-term agreements, guide the local and export associations to organize small and micro foreign trade enterprises and shipping enterprises to direct passenger docking, increase China-Europe trains, and guide enterprises to expand westward export through China-Europe freight trains

We will take a combination of measures to support the introduction of foreign investment in the manufacturing sector, and increase factor support for major foreign investment projects in the manufacturing sector.

Land use for the use of energy and the environment

Several Policies propose to guarantee the land supply of major projects included in the planning, support the "standard land" transfer of industrial land, improve the allocation efficiency, support the reasonable conversion of different industrial land types according to procedures, improve the land use change, integration and replacement; encourage the supply of industrial land by long-term lease, lease before lease, and flexible term supply of industrial land

Implement the policy of new renewable energy and raw material energy consumption; optimize the assessment frequency, assess the energy intensity target during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, avoid the restriction of normal energy consumption due to the policy of single energy consumption of national major projects, and accelerate the implementation of industrial projects that meet the requirements of single energy consumption of major projects during the 14th Five-Year Plan period

We will accelerate the progress of planning and project eia environmental assessment, and ensure that construction starts as soon as possible.

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