Product Description

This machine is suitable for knitting, woven, blended fabrics’ after dyeing continuous washing, fixing color, softening integrated use, shorten the finishing time, save labor
Technical Advantages
Improve efficiency of dyeing VAT: save the use time of dyeing VAT and reduce the cleaning time of dyeing VAT caused by the residue of softener auxiliary. Save one time of dry cloth heat setting: for the orders with high hand feeling requirements that need fabric to be heat setted to dry and then do soft finish, set stack fixing color softening mode, which can effectively improve the penetration time of auxiliates and achieve the soft hand feeling that made by heat setting dry cloth and soft finish. Improve the stenter machine speed: according to the hand feel requirements, this machine can replace the stenter machine’s soft dip tank, reduce the fabric liquid amount and improve the stenter machine speed. Simple operation: the machine adopts automatic tension control system, to ensure the weight stability in high and low speed. Liquid level detection system, pressure detection system and temperature control system ensure high production reproducibility.

Application Case

*Link has a number of national patents for this machine.
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