Product Description

Suitable for cotton knit cloth, Roma cloth, four way spandex, N/SP, T/SP and other elastic fabric’s pre shrink smooth use, can effectively eliminate the crease on the fabric, shrink width, release the internal stress of the fabric, so as to improve the quality of cloth dyeing.
Technical Advantages
According to different fabric, choose saturated steam dry steam, or use wet steam wet steam. For different fabric, can choose low tension pre-shrink to improve the shrinkage ratio, or choose high tension stretching to make fabric smooth. Automatic adjustable double steam sealing structure, without leakage. Compared with the traditional single steam sealing structure energy saving by 30%. The top/sides/front/back of the steam box are equipped with thermal insulation material, to reduce steam waste. Adopts Siemens intelligent control system, running state visualization. Automatic temperature control system, automatic tension adjustment device, automatic water supply control device. Touch screen controls the whole machine, one button complete the function switch.

Application Case

*Link has a number of national patents for this machine.
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