Scouring oil remove
Scouring oil remove

Product Description

Knit fabric (remove oil, shrink, smooth):Nylon swim fabric, Poly knit, Nylon roma, N/R roma, T/R roma Woven fabric (shrink, desizing, light alkaline wash):N/R spandex, T/R spandex, nylon spandex, cotton weft spandex, four way spandex
Technical Advantages
Mechanical design is convenient for knitting and woven fabric application. Automatic control system built-in knitting, woven two sets control system. Use German E+L tension sensor to detect operating tension. Uniform oil removal effect, prevent difference lot dyeing. Visual operating system, problem & energy consumption data can be statistical. Process formula management improve the process repeatability. Connected with factory ERP data and provided remote assistance.

Application Case

*Link has a number of national patents for this machine.
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